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Top 30 Interesting Facts About Ellen DeGeneres

    Ellen is famous for her humorous speeches and comedic stand-ups. She’s a well-known celebrity that aced films, sitcoms, photo shoots, and interviews. For the longest time she is in the industry, how much do you know about her? Her sitcom named after her? Voice actress of Dory in the animated film? What more? Think no more. We are here to feed you 30 of the most significant fact about Ellen DeGeneres.



    1. Ellen, Madonna, and Princess Kate share the same 10th great-grandfather.1

    All of these great blonde ladies are related in their bloodstream whether you believe it or not. Way back 2013, in one of her sitcom episodes, she told the audience that she received a letter that confirms her relationship with Katherine Duchess of Cambridge. The New England Historic Genealogical Society proves that they share a common ancestor which is Thomas Fairfax that made them 15th cousins. Also, she shares the same great grandfather with Madonna which is Martin Aucoin from France. He is their 10th great grandfather.

    2. Ellen is raised as a Christian Scientist.2

    One belief of Christian Scientists is that sickness should be prayed and not treated. Ellen grew up with the set of practices and believes from metaphysics family that developed in England. She is raised as a Christian Scientist until the age of 13. However, the only one left as a Christian Scientist now is her father. Still, she concludes her faith with God as the creator of everything.

    3. There is a ride named after her. 3
    Walt Disney’s World Epcot Center had an energy attraction called Ellen’s Energy Adventure. It is a forty-five-minute ride where you will encounter dinosaurs. You’ll experience an educational journey. What do you expect from a trip named after her? Yes, full of fun and information.

    4. Ellen is mindful of animal welfare. 4
    She advanced to the next level of animal welfare when she decided to be a vegan because she doesn’t want to eat animals. Her dietary choice began last 2003, and she created a section from the Ellen DeGeneres Show’s website called “Going Vegan with Ellen.” Today, this section’s name is altered to “Ellen’s Healthy Living,” that showcases delicious vegan recipes. Everything is for her love of animals.

    5. Ellen came out as a lesbian by the year 1997.5

    In one of the episodes of The Ophrah Winfrey Show, Ellen came out and publicly admitted she’s a lesbian. Her exact words are “I’m gay.” The episode got the highest rating for the series. Originally, Oprah’s show is an hour-long episode. However, this episode is an exception as they aired two 30-minute show about Ellen titled The Puppy Episode Part 1 and 2.

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