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Top 30 Hysterically Funny Wedding Pictures

    The wedding day is one of the most awaited and meticulously planned event. In short, memorable. However, these 30 wedding photos are hilariously disappointing and memorable in all the wrong ways.



    1. Here Comes The Truck…I Mean Bride1

    This should give a hint on what the groom is all about. Let’s all hope the bride arrived at the ceremony in one piece.

    2. Hey, That’s My Bride!


    I see three drunk people: the groom and the bride for trying to be creative but failed, and the stranger who’s coming in for a hug.

    3. Not Even Death Can Make You Escape


    Coffin-themed wedding? I’m sensing symbolism here – beginning and the end. But I don’t know if that’s a right or wrong thing.

    4. Grandpa Was Not Advised Of The Dress Code4

    A pair of underpants and a bowtie need sometimes. Wedding attires are too expensive, you know. I hope it is not too cold from where they are.

    5. I Got A Knife On You5

    Poor bride, she doesn’t know what’s coming to get her. The groom is apparently fantasizing about something very, very bad.

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