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Top 25 Jaw-Dropping Facts You Didn’t Know About Batman!


Batman is a fictional superhero published by DC Comics also known as Caped Crusader and Dark Knight. This bat-inspired persona who solves a crime at night has secrets hidden in the shadow. Let us investigate unknown facts about Batman.

  1. Bruce Wayne – The Name



Bruce Wayne, although a stylish and distinct name, is a name derived from two historic hero figures – Bruce from Robert the Bruce, a Scottish National Hero and Wayne from Mad Anthony Wayne.

  1. Screen name of Batman



Batman is a popular name, but the character also had a screen name called Jon Doe 297.

  1. The Debut of The Batcave On TV



1943 was the year in which the Batcave was introduced in a TV serial called “The Batman”, which got the overwhelming support of child audiences.

  1. Darkseid was defeated by Batman twice!


The first time Darkseid got defeated by Batman was when Batman triggered the God-killing gun against Darkseid. The second time was when Batman put the Hellbat armour to protect himself from Darkseid and thus beat him by rescuing his son Damian Wayne.

  1. Batman has got its study course



In the University of Victoria, there is a separate course called the Science of Batman, which has increased the pride of the series of The Batman.

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Top 30 Bizarre And Intriguing Facts About Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson, with his famous “moonwalk” dance and excellent songs, is undoubtedly the King of Pop. His position is still vacant, and there is none to replace this iconic personality. However, sometimes fame gets on top of people’s heads and makes them do things that are not so great. Here are some not-so-interesting facts about the King of Pop.

  1. Suffered from Vitiligo


Though he was born with a dark brown skin, Michael Jackson’s skin started lightening. He was known to suffer from a skin disorder known as Vitiligo, which was later confirmed in his autopsy.

  1. He was once bald.2

The silky and wavy hair that of Michael Jackson was not natural. He is believed to have lost his hair during a 1984 fire accident while shooting for a Pepsi commercial.

  1. Plastic surgery


Michael Jackson underwent various plastic surgeries on his face to correct his appearance, make his chin better, increase his cheekbones and alter the appearance of his lips, forehead and more.

  1. Child sexual abuse


Jackson was abused by his father when he was a kid; therefore, he took to this crime when he grew up. He was accused of molesting many boys, and he had to pay a huge sum for settling these accusations.

  1. Dangling his son


During 2002, Michael Jackson was photographed while he was dangling his infant son from the balcony in a hotel at Berlin.

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Top 25 Fascinating Facts From Notorious Death Records


Life is short, and death is the equalizer of all. Whatever reason – sickness, accident, or natural death, everyone will inevitably veer off towards eternity. This page shares facts from famous death data.

1. Fulton Allen



Fulton Allen, a Blues guitarist, was a visually challenged person who lost his life on February 13, 1941, due to infections in various parts of the body such as the abdomen, bladder, and pelvis. This resulted in the failure of his kidneys as well.

2. Frances Bavier

France Bavier also lovingly called as ‘AUNT BEE,’ is a stunning actress who has won the prestigious award of The Prime Time Emmy Award for The Andy Griffith Show. She died due to a heart attack at her home just before her 87th birthday.

3. Charles Bronson


Charles Dennis Buchinsky, known as Charles Bronson is a phenomenal actor with an acting career of 60 years. He had lung cancer and Alzheimer’s.

4. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was the Grunge Band’s lead singer. His death is shrouded in mystery and controversies. According to published reports, his death is believed to be a suicide as there was a trace of self- triggered bullet of a shotgun in his body.

5. John Denver

Henry John Deutschendorf, popularly known as John Denver was a spectacular singer and a marvelous songwriter. He died while he was flying in an experimental airplane that crashed.

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25 Actual Photos Of The Titanic That’ll Give You Chills

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A horrifying tragedy was faced by the passengers of RMS Titanic by the year 1912 where the ship has sunk upon hitting an iceberg and left 1,503 people lifeless. A movie was filmed starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet that portrays the disaster. We collected actual photos from Titanic that you should never miss. Without further ado, here it is!
1. She almost struck another ship.


Before it faced its tragic fate, Titanic almost crash into the SS New York in the North Atlantic Ocean. When Titanic was about to leave the dock and board the open sea, she passed SS New York’s steamer that got tied to the same wharf. Titanic speed up that cause suction which pulled the other ship towards her, but the captains of both vessels immediately took action and saved them.
2. The Iceberg that is responsible for all the deaths.

In this photo, you can see the indestructible iceberg that hit Titanic and made it sank. Many people are wondering why they did not saw the ice. The facts are, only 1/10 percent of the iceberg is on top, it is not the typical type of iceberg as it continuously melts and freezes that transforms it into a dark mirror of the water and sky at night.

3. Titanic rediscovered underwater.

It took almost a decade after Titanic sank to rediscover the shipwreck 12,000 feet down. It got discovered by an American-French team using a deep-sea device that is controllable through a remote that flashed photos on the surface.

4. Building the Titanic


They build the Titanic at Queen’s Island which is also known as Titanic Quarter. The shot above got captured in a Harbour that is a part of Wolff shipyard and Harland.

5. The people who built Titanic


In this photo, you can see a fraction of people who took part in building the Titanic. The photo was taken at Harland & Wolff Shipyard in Belfast.

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Top 30 Incredible Facts You’ve Never Heard About Antarctica


Antarctica is a big icy continent that is situated at the bottom of the world. The temperate is always freezing here, and it is cut off from the rest of the world because not many people can survive the cold here. Here are some facts about this beautiful place that you never knew earlier.

  1. What kind of continent?


Antarctica is not only the coldest continent on the planet; it is also the driest, tallest and the windiest place that anybody can ever live on.

  1. Desert


The icy dessert that is found in long, expansive stretches all over the continent of Antarctica, make it is the biggest in the world.

  1. Can you survive there?


Yes, you can survive in Antarctica, provided you remove your wisdom teeth and appendix, as it helps you adjust to the cold temperatures there.

  1. Coldest temperature


The coldest temperature on Earth was -128.56 degrees Fahrenheit on 21st July 1983. This number was recorded at the Vostok station in Antarctica.

  1. Freshwater


Close to 70% of the world’s freshwater is found in the icy continent of Antarctica. It is quite strange to know this after knowing that it also houses the biggest desert, isn’t it?

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Top 20 Exciting Facts About Star Wars Character Darth Vader


Star Wars is undeniably successful with various films series created by George Lucas. The far far away galaxy becomes the home of countless fans that followed the sci-fi saga. From the year 1977 up to the present, the success of the film is immeasurable and tested. One of the most favorite characters in the movie is Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader. However, there are still a lot of facts that fans needed to know about this popular character and how the creators brought him to life. We will present you 20 of the most exciting facts about Darth Vader.

1. He doesn’t have a father.1

His most famous line might be about being Luke Skywalker’s father, but he did not experience having a father because he does not have one. He is conceived purely by Midi-Chlorians and the force alone. Yes, he is created by the energy field.

2. He appeared for only 12 minutes in the first Star Wars movie.2

On the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope, the popular villain has a limited 12-minute airing on the screen. Maybe he is too busy spreading evil in the intergalactic empire that’s why he had less time for the taping.

3. Dart Vader merchandise has the highest demand.3

Around 27 billion dollars in various Star Wars merchandise are sold, and most of them are Darth Vader’s. You might think a villain won’t sell much, but you are wrong, people loved it.

4. His breathing noise becomes a trademark.4

To obtain Darth Vader’s breathing noise, Star Wars’ sound Engineer; Ben Burtt recorded the breathing pattern through a scuba tank regulator. And the rest is history.

5. His suit makes him weaker.5

Putting on a Darth Vader’s suit will not guarantee the floating powers transferred to you because the reality is, it makes him weaker. When he lost his limbs, it resulted in more consumption of force and energy. The robot limbs lessen his power instead of helping him.

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Pokemon is one of the most successful anime in the history. With almost a thousand of the anime episode, movies, video games, and trading cards, its popularity can’t be questioned. When we are talking about Pokemon, one name will never be left out. The iconic mascot of the Japanese pocket monster is recognizable to anyone who watched the anime. Yes, it is that yellow mouse with the power of electricity, Pikachu. In this article, we are here to uncover shocking facts about Pikachu. Are you excited? Here we go.

1. Pikachu is voiced by Ikue Otani.


Do you ever wonder who voiced Pikachu in the anime and movies? It was hard to believe that Ikue Otani, 50-years-old has been behind the voice of Pikachu since April 1997. She’s as cute and adorable as Pikachu and looks so young compared to her age. She’s so talented that she plays male and female voices to different anime in Japan.

2. Clefairy is meant to be the show’s main character, not Pikachu.


Pokemon Adventure is sold over 150 million copies of the magazine before the show aired on television. The producers and executives initially chose Clefairy to lead the marketing and franchise of Pokemon. Through that stage, they knew that Pikachu could connect more to people, maybe the bright yellow color can engage all ages. They immediately gave the spotlight to Pikachu as the main mascot in the TV adaptation. Well, their strategy naturally went to success.

3. The origin of the name “Pikachu.”


Now, you would like to ask where Pikachu had its name. The Japanese word for the crackling noise of electricity is called “Pika” while the sound a mouse makes is described by the Japanese as “chu.” Put them together, and you’ll get the whole name. It may sound so easy when you knew the origin, but the Pokemon developer had a hard time creating it since they want to develop a name that will hit for American and Japanese audiences. In English, Pikachu directly translates to Electricity Crackling Mice.

4. Pikachu is the Japanese version of Mickey Mouse.


Pikachu and Mickey Mouse are both mice which centers the comparison between these two beloved characters. Japan claimed it to be their local version of Mickey Mouse and without a doubt; Pikachu already becomes an icon loved by its fans around the world.

5. Pikachu cards are rare and expensive.


Sure, there is a business of Pokemon cards. It is one proof how great Pikachu is. The rarest and most expensive Pokemon Card released is Pikachu illustrator for the year 1998. There are only four of these in the whole world, and a piece was purchased through eBay at $100,000. Labelled as the Holy Grail among the Pokemon cards. The second most expensive Pokemon Cards are numbers one, two and three trainer cards where only one card a year is released. Ranking on the third spot is the evolved version of Pikachu, which is Raichu where only 10-15 cards are only issued a year.

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Top 27 Rare Animals You Never Thought Existed


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The planet earth is such a beautiful place for living. It’s nurturing air, refreshing water and healthy soil makes it the perfect environment for creatures to flourish. No wonder it has countless species living all around it.

Find yourself dumbfounded in this list of unique animals that all unbelievably exists:

1.Red-lipped Batfish
1A Galapagos island resident, it uses its pectoral fins to walk on the bottom of the ocean. The reason is that these fishes are terrible swimmers.

2.Sea Pig
2A deep-sea creature and a deposit feeder, Scotoplanes enjoy a habitat under the sea of over 1000 meters. They are consumers of organic particles that they excavate from the mud.

3.Goblin Shark
3The goblin shark lives 330 feet below and is considered a living fossil. It is the only descendant of the Mitsukurinidae family and usually grows to 100.58 m long.

4.Mangalitsa Pig
An ADorable wooly pig that could pass off as a household pet but has never gotten the chance to prove itself.  It’s discovery happened in the mid-19th century.

5.The Panda Ant
5Panda Ants are members of the Mutilidae family and is considered a wasp. Females don’t have wings and come off as a big hairy ant.
The specie has painful stings and has the nickname of cow ant or cow killer.

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