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    Pokemon is one of the most successful anime in the history. With almost a thousand of the anime episode, movies, video games, and trading cards, its popularity can’t be questioned. When we are talking about Pokemon, one name will never be left out. The iconic mascot of the Japanese pocket monster is recognizable to anyone who watched the anime. Yes, it is that yellow mouse with the power of electricity, Pikachu. In this article, we are here to uncover shocking facts about Pikachu. Are you excited? Here we go.



    1. Pikachu is voiced by Ikue Otani.


    Do you ever wonder who voiced Pikachu in the anime and movies? It was hard to believe that Ikue Otani, 50-years-old has been behind the voice of Pikachu since April 1997. She’s as cute and adorable as Pikachu and looks so young compared to her age. She’s so talented that she plays male and female voices to different anime in Japan.

    2. Clefairy is meant to be the show’s main character, not Pikachu.


    Pokemon Adventure is sold over 150 million copies of the magazine before the show aired on television. The producers and executives initially chose Clefairy to lead the marketing and franchise of Pokemon. Through that stage, they knew that Pikachu could connect more to people, maybe the bright yellow color can engage all ages. They immediately gave the spotlight to Pikachu as the main mascot in the TV adaptation. Well, their strategy naturally went to success.

    3. The origin of the name “Pikachu.”


    Now, you would like to ask where Pikachu had its name. The Japanese word for the crackling noise of electricity is called “Pika” while the sound a mouse makes is described by the Japanese as “chu.” Put them together, and you’ll get the whole name. It may sound so easy when you knew the origin, but the Pokemon developer had a hard time creating it since they want to develop a name that will hit for American and Japanese audiences. In English, Pikachu directly translates to Electricity Crackling Mice.

    4. Pikachu is the Japanese version of Mickey Mouse.


    Pikachu and Mickey Mouse are both mice which centers the comparison between these two beloved characters. Japan claimed it to be their local version of Mickey Mouse and without a doubt; Pikachu already becomes an icon loved by its fans around the world.

    5. Pikachu cards are rare and expensive.


    Sure, there is a business of Pokemon cards. It is one proof how great Pikachu is. The rarest and most expensive Pokemon Card released is Pikachu illustrator for the year 1998. There are only four of these in the whole world, and a piece was purchased through eBay at $100,000. Labelled as the Holy Grail among the Pokemon cards. The second most expensive Pokemon Cards are numbers one, two and three trainer cards where only one card a year is released. Ranking on the third spot is the evolved version of Pikachu, which is Raichu where only 10-15 cards are only issued a year.

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