Tuesday, October 15, 2013

my new do!

i got my hairs did yesterday! whatcha think?! 

pretty much all of the hair that is light colored was split ended and unhealthy because i haven't had a proper haircut in almost two years... and i've been itching to get back in touch with my short hair again... so that's just what i did!

and of course i had to take some pictures during! :) 
and i obvi had to have some starbucks because i was having a girlie relaxation day!

oh i also got my hair dyed darker brown with some honey highlights... 
never had a profesh hair dye before, so that was a fun little treat!
the best part of the whole day was when i walked in the door and henry was on the phone with our vacuum cleaner warranty people (apparently it went kaput while he was vacuuming when i was gone... yes. he vacuums, people. and does dishes, and just plain likes to clean and keep the house neat. husband jackpot.) anyways, he was thoroughly irritated but the moment he saw me a HUGE smile graced his face. best reaction ever is turning a bad mood into a good one 'cause my husband thinks i look so hott! haha. or "hawt" has he likes to spell it.

i took achilles' for a walk with a little extra pep in my step when i got home!

and then we tried to get a family photo and our little guy wouldn't cooperate! haha. how do you people with dogs get them to oblige with photo shoots? we haven't quite got that down yet. is there a training class for overly active photographer pet mamas? lol

hope you are enjoying your tuesday and you had a great monday off!! 

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