Saturday, October 5, 2013

achilles || blog debut

figured i ought to introduce you all to the newest member of our family! 

this is achilles. 

he has the funniest little puppy personality!
he loves to snuggle, sleep, lay against walls/the couch, lick people, eat his dog bed, grass, my socks, and, lets face it... anything that is possibly in his reach. 
he knows how to sit, shake, lay down and give us high fives (literally... i will have to get a video of him high fiving soon! cutest thing ever!)

just a few days old here!

a few weeks old! wish we had him when he was this size! how stinking fluffy is he!?! these photos were such a joy to get every now and then from his moms owner! 

the day we got him! (please excuse our appearance... we had just spent 14 hours traveling overnight  from Washington state to Maine and had not slept! but this is our first family picture, so it's important! lol)

he sleeps on his back like a human most times. which i think is both adorably cute and probably extremely uncomfortable for him... but he seems to like it! 

this guy has never had a pet before, and he is LOVING his first dog!

i think he's the cutest ever.

here he is enjoying his first "cup of Starbucks" (obsessed with this picture... and the other thousand i took of him with this cup. lol)

just a-snugglin'!

doing dog things.

just stinkin cute.

sitting under the ramp at the dog park because it was so hot out. lol

so sweepyyy.

watching the big dog play fetch in the lake!

bein' cute.

bein' cute again.

we love him so much! 
hope you don't get sick of seeing pictures of him, 'cause it ain't stoppin' anytime soon! 

have a lovely Saturday, friends! 



  1. So exciting! Puppies are so much fun. I won't mind the photos...he's a cutie!

    1. aw thank you :) yes he is so much fun! :)


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